What to buy 

Below are the things you need, to buy to prepare for the arrival of your new puppy in your home

They are only suggested items, tried and tested by ourselves . .  . 


Buy a bed that is suitable for puppy when they are adult, they grow quickly, so smaller beds will not last long.

Ideal beds are plastic ones, that you can add a blanket or pillow too, these can easily be washed when they get dirty or if puppy has an acident! 

Other options are soft pet bed, most dogs love these, but they are harder to keep clean and go out of shape easily as they wear and tear with age 

A major no-no is a wicker bed, while they can look great, they are magnets for teething puppies to chew and can easily cause major problems in ingested 

Collar & Leads

Firstly, dont buy a collar for yur puppy until they have arrived home with you, 9 times out of 10, people buy the wrong size, it is always better to wait until puppy is home with you and you can get a propper fitting collar, this needs to be something soft and light to begin with, so puppy isnt distressed by it, also a light lead once you are ready to go for walks

Think about investing in a body harness for walks, these are much more doggy friendly and more comfortable for puppy to wear, also an extendable lead, this will allow pup to have comfortable walks and little runs, without the restraint of a short lead, but you still have control of your puppy 


Bowls are equally as important, you will need a minimum if 2 boels, one for water and one for food 

Ideally stainless steel bowls are the best, these can be easily cleaned and can be brought as non slip bowls too

Ceramic bowls are equally as good, as these cant be knocked over 

Both of these options are easy to keep clean, hygenic and cant be chewed

Plastic bowls are not ideal as they can be chewed and are easily knocked over 


Toys are an important part of puppies development, they need them to awaken their senses and help prevent boredom

You need a range of toys in different textures, look for soft cuddly style toys, these can also be teamed with rope, these are ideal for cuddle, snuggle toys and chewing 

Harder toys, such as plastic or rubber, these are used for teething and boredom busters, lots of toys can be filled with trearts to keep puppy occupied 

Look for toys with differnt textures, crinkle papers, fluffy or soft materials, squeeky and so to help stimulate them 


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