Preparing for your puppy is important, below we list the main things to consider and what to buy for puppy, to make you and your home ready to welcome him or her 

Preparing for your puppy​

Preparing your home

Puppies like to explore, so it is very important that your home is puppy proof!
In the garden, make sure there are no holes in fencing that puppy can fit through, and ponds are covered.

In your home, put away un-used electrical wires or cover them, so puppy cannot chew them, move candles, ornamants and childrens toys that you do not want puppy to touch, also remote controls and mobile phones, they should all be put up out of puppies reach. 

A puppy gate is ideal to keep puppy safe in your home, to stop them wandering around, especially before they are fully house trained. 

Collecting your puppy

Ideally you should collect your puppy as early in the day as posible, this allows puppy time to explore his or her new home and get used to all the new smells and will help them settle for their first night.

To transport puppy and cat carrier is ideal, with newspaper lining the bottom, with an old towel from home, so all your new smells are on it, we will rub this over mum and litter mates, so there is a mix of smells that puppy is used to. 

A small bowl and a bottle of water if you are travelling a long way home, it is not advisable to feed puppy during travelling as they tend to get car sick, this can then lead to habbit, everytime you get in a car, but it is good for puppy to have a drink breaks during your journey 

What your puppy will leave us with (puppy Pack 

All our puppies leave with a personalised puppy pack

We include:

  • Food (dry complete diet and a tin of pedigree puppy meat) 

  • Toys

  • Training treats

  • First brush

  • Puppy Shampoo

  • Blanket

  • Traning pad

Crate training 

Crate are perfect for keeping your Coton safe at night, during the day while you are out or busy


All our Cotons are used to crates, and love them, we get them used to their new crate from an early age, everytime they go in the crate we offer a treat, so they know this is treat time and rest time


It is not advisable to leave your Coton in the crate for long periods of time, over night is fine and during the day for a few hours, most dogs actually prefer to sleep in a crate, dog in nature are used to sleeping in dens and crate simulate this


We find with our Cotons that when they are tired or want a bit of private time, they wander off and get in their own crates 

What to buy

Buying for your puppy, it is important to consider that they will grow, and quite quickly.

Buy a bed, either a plastic or soft cushion bed, but something that will last into adulthood, wicker beds look great, but they also make wonderful looking chew toys for young puppies, unfortuantly, they are extreemly dangerous and can choke or get into the puppies tummy and cause lots of seriose problems

Food and water bowls, water bowl should be a ceramic one, to stop them tipping it over, food bowls, ideally stainless steel are the best and most hygenic, plastic bowls get chewed and can harbour germs

Collar and lead, this is best purchased once your puppy had had their full vaccinations and are ready to go out, then buy something the has a little room to grow, extendable leads are great for the first walks, getting them used to recall and not to wander too far 

Toys, puppies love soft cuddly toys, but the do get the stuffing knocked out of them - literally! so buy dog safe toys, also kong or nylabones are great for teething 

First few days at home with your puppy


When you first arrive home with puppy, offer them a drink and a small  meal, show them where the toilet area is and let them have a wander around their new home to explor and get use to all the new smells 


Puppy will explore areas of your home and may decide where they would like their toilet area to be instead of the area you have chosen, if this happens place their news paper in this area and the one you want them to use for the time being, you might get a couple of accidents while pup find their feet in their new surroundings


Try not to cuddle puppy too much and don’t invite lots of people round to see the pup for a few days, just let them settle into your lifestyle and get used to the new routine, if you have lots of people round and cuddle puppy they will expect this all the time (they learn very quickly the good things and the bad things!) 


First few nights!  


The First night might be a bit unsettled and this can last for a few nights, it is advisable to settle pup down in a safe room or puppy crate, offer a radio on in the room, a warm cozy bed and a warm hot water bottle and of course their toilet area, settle pup down and don’t make too much fuss say night to the pup and leave the room, hopefully puppy will be contented enough to go to sleep, but some do cry and the only way to stop this is to not respond to it at all, if you go into the room to make sure they are ok or to pacify them they will do it all the more and the same with entering the room to tell them off (any interaction from you is a reward whether it be good or bad) so ignore them as much as you can and do not respond to the cries, they are perfectly safe, if you have to go into the room wait until there is no noise and then enter, when doing so don’t make eye contact with the puppy or interact with them straight away, this way they will think you are not there because of them and the cries but you have just entered the room and will give them attention on your terms


It is never advisable to let puppy sleep on your bed especially if it is something you don’t want them to do as an adult, as a young puppy they may fall and injure themselves, or you may roll onto them in the night injuring them or worse  


Alternitivly, you can set up a crate in your bedroom for puppy to sleep near you but in a safe environment 

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