Grooming Products & Tools


Below is a detailed guide of the tools and products needed to keep your Coton de Tulears coat in good heath and matt free

If you are using a groomers to care for your Cotons coat, or thye are in a puppy cut, you may only need the basics, which will be marked with a * 

All other items listed are what i find personally useful to have to groom my own Cotons in full coats



It is important to keep your Cotons coat clean, as this not only makes your Coton feel good, but helps to prevent knots

Ideally use a good quality dog shampoo, never human shampoo, we use "Groomers" Crown Coat as a regular shampoo and "Groomers" Detangle shampoo when needed, this is ideal if you have a knot develop or at times when your dogs coat drys out, during illness, seasons etc as it included a conditioner to help smooth the coat and aids in removing tangles 

Shampoo - Whitner 


Occasionally your Cotons coat may become discoloured, if a Cotons coat is left wet for too long, usually on the feet and legs, whitner shampoo might be needed to remove the staining 

Whitner should never be used on a puppies coat and on an adult dogs coat it should be followed with a good quality conditioner as whiter can dry the coat considerably, causing poor hair quality and tangles 


Sprays - Groom & Detangle 

You should never brush a cotons coat dry, this leads to splitting of the hair follicle that can be a cause of knotting, this does not mean you need to wet the coat before brushing, you actually need to spray the coat with a conditioner to protect the coat while brushing, this only needs to be a light spray and not soaking the coat 

We use "Groomers" Groom & Detangle spray, this is sprayed over the coat after bathing and before brushing on a dry coat 


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