Grooming Coton de Tulears


Coton de Tulears need regular grooming and it is important for their wellbeing 


Grooming is part and parcel of owning a Coton

but it’s nothing to be scared of or look at it as a chore


The coat is one of the main characteristics of the Coton de Tulear: after all they are named after their coats


My advice is, if you are not confident to groom your own dog, book them into a reliable groomers salon every 4-6 weeks 

Either for a de-matt or trim into a puppy or teddy bear cut to keep on top of their coat 


If you do feel confident enough to groom your own dog then only use quality product and brushes, anything less will only damage their coat and cause you more work to maintain it 


Coton de Tulear coats are considered non shedding, this is not entirely true, when a hair dies at the root, it becomes loose, but it is not shed like other breeds of dog, it stays attached to the dog and remains in the coat, therefore your home and clothes do not get covered in dog hairs 

But, this dead hair in the coat is one of the main causes of matting and needs to be removed 


Knotting occurs when the dead hair gets tangled with the good hairs or dirt in the coat, the dead hair moves around the coat by the dog scratching and licking itself, by the wind blowing the coat and so on 


It is important to groom your Coton from a very young age, the puppy coat does not require much attention, but this is the vital time to get your Coton used to brushes, combs bathing and blow dryers, it will make grooming much easier when your Coton is older and has a full coat 


A puppy will not need to be groomed often, but once a week is ideal to get them used to the routine, bathing as need be, as your Coton's coat changes from the puppy coat to the adult coat, this can be one of the worst times they will knot up, this is because the puppy coat is shedding to allow for the adult coat to come through, therefore there is much more dead hair in the coat, during this time (from about 9 months up to 18 months old) your Coton will need grooming more regularly, ideally once a day or every other day until this phase is over, once your Coton reaches 2 years old, they will have their full adult coat that knots less and is much more easier to handle 




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