Below are some of the most frequently asked questions 


Male or Female? 

There is an old saying, "if you want a good dog, get a male, if you want a great dog get a female" . . . .  

If only this were true of all breeds of dog! 

Coton de Tulears, do not differ greatly between male and female temperament wise, every dog has its own personality, above what sex they are 

If you already have a dog, then its probably better to get one of the opposite sex, or 2 females tend to get on better than 2 males 

Really, the choice of dog, should be made on the sense of connection you make with the individual dog, more than anything else 


Crate size to buy

 When considering a crate, don’t start off small, think of the size your dog will grow to, all puppies grow quickly, so by getting a crate that will be more suitable for the adult size of your dog, it will last much longer 

We use crates that are appox 30 x 18 x 21 inches, with plastic trays (metal trays rust if the get wet) when pup is young these give enough room for a blanket of pillow at one end and a layer of paper or training pad the other, so pup has room to use the toilet without soiling their bed area, as they get older, they can control toilet needs for longer periods and don’t need this area 


Travelling home 

What do I travel pup home in, can we take a puppy on the ferry . . . . 

Firstly, it is absolutely fine to take your puppy in the ferry, there is a designated pet area on the ferry or you can go on top deck in the warmer months, or the crossing is short enough to leave pup is the safety of your car

Ideally you should arrive to collect pup with a cat basket, or crate for the car, this should be lined out with news paper and a blanket or old towel from home, Bring a bottle of water and a small bowl if it’s hot weather or your journey is a long one, pup will be quite content in the basket or crate and usually sleep 

Do not offer food during the journey, if pup eats and becomes car sick, this can set of a lifelong issue with car sickness 



All of our puppies leave us with the minimum of their first vaccinations, this includes DHPPI and Lepto 

All puppies need 2 initial vaccinations of this, 2-4 weeks apart, if your puppy is with us at 11 weeks old, they will have had the full primary course and there is nothing for you to worry about, if you collect your puppy at 8 weeks old, you will need to arrange with your vet for the 2nd primary vaccination to be done 2-4 weeks later 

The they will need a yearly booster to top up their immunity for life, you should also consider getting the Kennel cough vaccination done, this is optional and works like our flu jab



Worming & Flea treatments 

All of our puppies receive regularly worming and flea treatments, and will be covered when you collect them, but it is advised you talk to your vet at the time of their 2nd primary vaccination appointment to cover them for the future 
We use Panacur puppy paste and Drontal puppy liquid for worming, this can be substituted for a tablet form as pup gets older, and for flea treatment, we usually use Frontline or Advantage spray or a spot on treatment.
You can also buy direct from your vet a spot on treatment that does all flea and worming treatment in one 
But it is always advisable to get your treatments direct from your vet, supermarket and pet shop brands can be quite harsh, causing tummy upsets, skins sores and even allergic reactions that can be fatal 



Our Cotons are fed on Royal Canin mini junior and mini adult complete dry food 
We feed our dogs adlib, this means they have food available all day and fresh water at all times 
Ideally, you  should measure out the required amount of food (as per manufactures guidelines) place this in your dogs food bowl and leave in an accessible place all day, remove this at 6pm, so they do not need to toilet during the night and offer a fresh bowl again in the morning 
Alternately you can space the feeds out over 4 smaller feeds per day, reducing this to 3 feeds per day as pup gets older and by the age of 6 months 2 feeds per day 

Licensed Breeders 

Registered with IW Council

Licence Number: 19/00178/DOGBRE

Divosa is a Kennel Club registered kennel name


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