Coloured Coton de Tulears 

In our years of breeding Coton De Tulears, we have been asked many times for a "coloured" Coton De Tulear puppy 


I feel it is important to put the record straight on so called "coloured" Cotons 


It is very misleading for a Breeder/seller to sell you a Coton De Tulear as "Coloured" firstly Coton De Tulears are supposed to be WHITE, the breed standards reads as "White, slight lemon or grey on ears acceptable" 


Secondly, Coton De Tulears that have some colour as puppies, will lose most if not all of this colour by the time they reach adulthood 

Colour in young Coton De Tulears fades "dilutes" as they mature, if it does not dilute, it is likely that your Coton De Tulear is not a pure Coton De Tulear at all and somewhere in its linage it has been bred with another breed 


If you are really looking for a Coton De Tulear with "Colour" and you want the colour to stay for the life of the dog, then you are looking at the wrong breed of dog for you


I would recommend you look at Havanese
Havanese are the same family as Coton De Tulears, they have very similar natures, make wonderful family additions just like the Coton De Tulears and have very similar coats, Their coat texture is slightly different, more silky to the touch, But come in lots of  COLOURS! that they keep throughout their lives 


Below are examples of Coton De Tulears that have colour as puppies and then photos as they reach adulthood 

From This 





Belle at 12 weeks old 

Belle at 11 months old 

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