Coton de Tulears can live for many years, therefore it is important you care for them correctly

Breed health: In general Cotons are very health, we carry out all available health tests prior to breeding from the parent dogs, to ensure we are offing you the healthiest puppy possible 

Vaccination: all dogs require vaccinations, vaccinations are given to a puppy, known as a primary course, consisting of 2 vaccination 2-4 weeks apart from 8 weeks old, then your dog will require a yearly booster.

Feeding: it is essential to feed Cotons a good healthy diet, apart from the benefits of feeding healthy make for a healthy dog, feeding them the correct diet, will also help to keep their coat and teeth in good condition 

Grooming: is required regularly for a Coton, (see our grooming page) you can keep your Coton in what is known as the puppy or teddy bear cut, to maintain their coat easier, otherwise they will need brushing at least once a week to remove dead hairs and dirt in the coat 



Caring for a Coton de Tulear 

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