Coton De Tulear Breed information.​

Description: "Coton" is the French word for Cotton, like the name suggest, the biggest feature of the Coton de Tulear is its coat, which is Cottony in texture, rather than silky, they can have coloured markings, such as black or brown, but white or white with small amount of cream markings are the desired colour of the Coton de Tulear 
Temperament: Coton de Tulears are typically known to be friendly, gentle and affectionate dogs, Coton are very sociable making them the ideal family pet, they get along well with children, other dogs and animals. 
Cotons are very loyal to their family and always willing to please. 
Cotons learn quickly, they are very intelligent 
Height: 10-12 inches approx
Weight: 12-15 lbs approx
Exercise: Cotons are suited to all types of living, houses, flats, apartments etc, they do need fresh air and exercise daily, ideally 20 minutes walk 2-3 times daily, but they will equally walk for hours. they do well in dog sports, such as agility, as they are active
Life expectancy: 14-16 years
Grooming: The Coton de Tulears coat, does need care, (see our page on grooming) their coat is non shedding, making them ideal for some allergy sufferers 

Licensed Breeders 

Registered with IW Council

Licence Number: 19/00178/DOGBRE

Divosa is a Kennel Club registered kennel name


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